Here at 4 Big Kids we take great pride in our environment. We have a lovely inviting space for the children to roam around in where they can feel, safe secure and supported. We have a sandpit which the staff and children all helped to build to make our environment filled with more play areas. Being part of North Mandurah Primary School, we are lucky enough to use the different spaces they have here including the basketball courts, playgrounds and undercover area and large ovals.

We are situated near the pet shop Pet City and a large enclosed playground called Caterpillar park which are both 500m away from our centre. When implementing our program each week we sometimes use these places as part of an activity for the afternoon. We will either walk from the centre or go straight to Caterpillar Park after we have collected the children from school.
Parents will be notified at the start of the week which day, on our notice board above our sign in/out desk.